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Boost Your Internet Speeds

June 5, 2022

Real Estate

Boost Your Internet Speeds
Nothing is more irritating than carefully selecting the perfect amount of bandwidth for you and your family to experience spotty and often slow internet speeds while at home. And now more than ever, it is crucial that you have a reliable connection while many of us are working and studying at home. So check out the tips below to boost your internet speeds.
Place your router in a central, open location. Your connection speed can be affected by distance, so if possible, place your router in an open area between the rooms you use your Wi-Fi most, such as the living room and office.
Avoid obstacles and interference. Top internet providers recommend placing the router off the floor above furniture and away from brick or concrete walls that can block or slow the internet from being transmitted correctly. Additionally, other electronics like baby monitors, microwaves, and cordless phones can interfere with the connection.
Have you noticed that your far guest room is a Wi-Fi dead spot? Look into a wireless range extender. Although an extender won’t boost your internet speed overall, it will help increase the signal in the room it is placed in, extending the connection’s reach.
Upgrade your router and firmware. If the router you own or rent is outdated, that may be the reason your bandwidth is not reaching its full potential. It’s recommended that you upgrade your router and firmware every three or four years to make sure it can support the latest Wi-Fi standards. Plus, many new routers allow data to transmit over two radio frequencies, giving you two WiFi networks.
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