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Comprehensive Analysis of the San Jose Housing Market

June 4, 2024

Real Estate

Comprehensive Analysis of the San Jose Housing Market

Overview of the San Jose Housing Market

The San Jose housing market is renowned for its high competitiveness, characterized by rapid sales and rising property values. This trend has continued unabated, with homes typically receiving multiple offers and selling well above the listing price. In this detailed analysis, we explore the various facets of the San Jose real estate landscape, providing insights that can help buyers, sellers, and investors navigate this dynamic market.

Metric Value
Median Sale Price $1,495,250
Price Increase (YoY) 13.3%
Median Price per Sq. Ft. $917

Time on Market

Homes in San Jose sell remarkably fast, with the average property remaining on the market for only 9 days. This is a slight improvement from last year's average of 10 days, indicating an even more competitive market.

Sales Volume

The volume of homes sold in April 2024 was 576, a notable increase from 453 homes sold in April 2023. This rise in sales volume reflects the heightened activity and interest in the San Jose housing market.

Competitiveness of the San Jose Market

Redfin Compete Score

San Jose is classified as one of the most competitive markets, earning a high Redfin Compete Score™. This score, calculated over the last three months, takes into account factors such as the number of offers per home and the speed at which homes go pending.

Competitiveness Metric Value
Average Offers per Home 7
Average Days to Pending 9
Sale-to-List Price Ratio 108.9%

Price Dynamics

On average, homes in San Jose sell for about 8% above the list price, with particularly desirable properties ("hot homes") selling for up to 17% above the list price. This premium reflects the intense competition among buyers.

Migration and Relocation Trends

San Jose attracts a significant number of new residents from various metropolitan areas, while also seeing a considerable outflow to other regions.

Inbound Migration

Top sources of new residents include:

  1. New York, NY
  2. Santa Barbara, CA
  3. Pensacola, FL

Outbound Migration

Conversely, many San Jose residents are relocating to:

  1. Sacramento, CA
  2. Los Angeles, CA
  3. San Diego, CA

Net Migration Flow

The following diagram illustrates the net inflow and outflow of residents:

Detailed Analysis of Competitive Factors

Factors Influencing Home Prices

Several factors contribute to the rising home prices in San Jose:

  • Tech Industry Growth: The proliferation of tech companies in Silicon Valley fuels demand for housing.
  • Limited Supply: The constrained housing supply exacerbates the competition.
  • High Income Levels: Higher average incomes in the area increase purchasing power.

Market Dynamics

The market's competitiveness is further illustrated by:

  • Waived Contingencies: Many offers include waived contingencies to make bids more attractive.
  • Quick Sales: Properties often go under contract within a week, particularly those classified as "hot homes."

School Ratings and Impact on Housing Market

Schools in San Jose are highly rated, contributing to the desirability of the area for families. The GreatSchools rating system highlights several top-performing elementary schools, which can influence home values in those neighborhoods.

School GreatSchools Rating Students
John Muir Elementary School 10/10 248
Williams Elementary School 9/10 630
Blossom Hill Elementary School 9/10 526
Murdock-Portal Elementary School 9/10 573
William Faria Elementary School 9/10 692

Environmental and Transportation Considerations

Natural Hazards

San Jose is susceptible to various natural hazards such as floods, wildfires, and earthquakes. Homebuyers should consider these risks when purchasing property.


San Jose is moderately walkable and has some transit options, making it a suitable location for those relying on public transportation.

Metric Score
Walk Score® Somewhat Walkable
Transit Score® Some Transit


The San Jose housing market continues to be one of the most competitive and dynamic in the United States. With soaring home prices, rapid sales, and a high demand fueled by the tech industry, it presents both opportunities and challenges for buyers and sellers. Understanding the nuances of this market, from migration trends to school ratings and environmental risks, is crucial for making informed real estate decisions. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or invest, staying informed about these key factors will help you navigate the complexities of the San Jose housing market effectively.


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