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How To Build A Charcuterie Board From Scratch

September 18, 2021

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How To Build A Charcuterie Board From Scratch

HOW TO BUILD A CHARCUTERIE BOARD FROM SCRATCH: You’ve moved into your new home with the high-tech kitchen and spacious dining and living area of your dreams. Now that you’ve unpacked and decorated, it’s time to start planning all the incredible dinners, parties, game nights, and more ahead of you. And what modern-day host or hostess has a get-together without a charcuterie board to complete it? That’s why we’ve outlined the easiest way to create your own from scratch!

The Cheeses

When you are shopping in the cheese section, it’s important to select a variety of flavors, textures, and colors. Select three to six different types of cheeses, depending on the size of the board you’re creating, such as mild or medium cheddar, sheep or goat milk cheese, gruyere, gouda, brie, blue cheese, and more.

The Meats

Most standard grocery stores have a great selection of aged meats perfect for your board. Some fan favorites include prosciutto, sopressata, pancetta, and pepperoni. These are full of flavor and pair well with different types of cheeses.

The Sides

Here’s where your creative side can really come out! Consider picking up some fruit to garnish your board, like strawberries or grapes, and selecting a couple of jams and preserves to pair with your cheese, such as fig butter or apricot jam. Pickled vegetables, olives, and nuts, like Marcona almonds and cashews, are also a popular addition. Finally, purchase a variety of crackers to complete your charcuterie board.

Happy Entertaining! Let us know if this Blog “How to Build A Charcuterie Board from Scratch” helped you and share pictures.

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