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Kid Bedroom Redecorating Tips & Tricks

August 5, 2023

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Kid Bedroom Redecorating Tips & Tricks

Choosing a theme to decorate your child's bedroom can be a difficult task, especially as they change their minds like the weather and what is trendy now, may not be so cool in six months.

You don't want to disappoint your aspiring fairy princess or a budding astronaut and you certainly don't want to dampen their creative spirit. So the trick is to choose a color palette and furnishings that can be permanent fixtures, then actually style the room using interchangeable accessories that won't break the bank.

Here are a few ideas to help:

1) Bedding
A cheap and easy way to alter a bedroom theme is bedding. Character emblazoned duvet covers, geometric shapes, cute animals, outer space, snowy landscapes, and boy bands are all popular passing trends for kids. For older children, you could opt for plain white or colored bedding but enhance the aesthetics by adding multi-colored, metallic or textured cushions along with throw blankets.

2) Flooring
Replacing flooring can be hugely expensive, so instead add rugs. When children are little, alphabet and number rugs not only provide an educational resource, they also add vibrant colors. Foam tiles can also be a wise choice, they are cheap and can be easily replaced in the event of getting too dirty or having things like glue spilled on them. In a teenager's room, a shaggy fur-like rug can add opulence and a more grown-up ambiance, they can also cover a multitude of sins, such as hair straightener burns and makeup spills!

3) Curtains
Licensed curtains can sometimes be fairly expensive, especially for characters and superheroes that are particularly on trend. If you are handy with a sewing machine you can purchase the material and create your own, otherwise, you can buy cheap plain material and create character tiebacks.

4) Lighting
When installing lights in your children's bedrooms, take into account how often their tastes will change. By adding a simple ceiling light, the possibilities are endless. Light-shades are available in a plethora of colors and themes and as your prince or princess gets older. If you are going to opt for a more permanent light fixture, ensure it is something they won't grow out of. A custom neon name sign, funky LED's or spotlights are all acceptable as they aren't age dependent.

When coming up with a room theme for your child, the cheaper the adjustments the better. It won't be so much of a bind when they come begging for you to overhaul for the next hot fad!

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