Refrigerator Cleaning Tips

November 15, 2022

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Refrigerator Cleaning Tips

Refrigerator Cleaning Tips

🥳 Here are some tips to get things squeaky clean:

🗓️Plan ahead. You’ll need to empty your fridge to clean it properly. Get coolers with ice ready to keep perishables at a safe temperature while you clean.

🙅Toss expired items. Check the use-by dates on those items in the back of the fridge. Throw away anything that’s past its prime.

🧽Remove the shelves and drawers. Hand wash them with warm water and dish soap. If your shelves are made of glass, let them come to room temperature before using hot water to avoid cracking.

🚿Clean the interior. Apply a gentle cleansing spray, vinegar, or baking soda paste, and water. Use a cotton swab or old toothbrush to get into crevices where debris can collect.

🧼Wipe down the exterior. Disinfect and clean the exterior using vinegar or antibacterial spray. Brush any crumbs out of the door gasket and gently wipe it with a cloth. What are your top tips for cleaning the refrigerator? Let us know in the comments!

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