Tips For Maximizing A Small Kitchen

January 29, 2022

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Tips  For Maximizing A Small Kitchen

Does your dream home come with a small kitchen? Do not fear! There are plenty of ways to get the most out of the tight space. Check out these tips for maximizing a small kitchen! You have to get creative.

Lighten up the area. Bright and light always open up space. Choose white or bright colors for the walls, then pair that with unique overhead and under cabinet lighting. Don’t forget to open up any windows or glass doors to bring in natural light.

Get strategic with storage. Maximize the storage space you have by hanging items inside lower cabinet doors or adding additional shelves to higher cabinets. Install a magnetic strip to a wall and use that to store your knives instead of the countertop or hang cutting boards and pots and pans from the wall or overhead.

Use your oven. Not one to make things in the oven often? Consider using it to store your pots and pans. Then remove the items when in use.

Purchase a mobile kitchen island. Need more chopping space? Consider purchasing a portable island that can be moved into the kitchen while you’re cooking. Most islands come with drawers or cabinets for storing knives or spices. Then roll it out of the kitchen to the dining room when not in use.

Install additional shelving. Have an open wall that faces into the kitchen? Consider installing additional floating shelves for storage. Also, if you have a lot of space between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling, add a long shelf to store minimally used items.

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