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What are the most impactful home improvement projects? 

  • Kitchen and baths – spend time and money on these important areas. A large wall-mounted mirror is always welcoming in a bathroom. Kitchens should be clean, bright, and uplifting.  
  • Windows- Install large windows and skylights to fill the home with natural light
  • Home Offices- Transform spare bedrooms. Buyers are searching for home office space to work from home
  • Outdoor Kitchens- the American Institute of Architect’s 2021 survey showed that demand for outdoor spaces rose from 61% to 71% among respondents.
  • Flooring- According to Realtor.com, homes with hardwood floors sold for 2.5% more than homes with other types of flooring, providing an ROI of 70% to 80%.
  • ADUs- Consider the addition of an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). ADUs are self-contained units built on the same property as the primary home
  • Lighting – Decorative light fixtures will brighten up the home
  • Color cues – cool colors are current, stay away from brown, taupe, tan, yellow, and gold. Move toward ice blue, silver, grays, and cooler hues.

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