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A Secret Living Space You Didn’t Know You Have

August 26, 2023

A Secret Living Space You Didn’t Know You Have

If you're looking to add a little more usable space to your home without tackling a major addition, you might want to look to your garage. Here are some important considerations to think about first:

  • Are you currently using your garage? This may seem obvious, but start by thinking about how much you actually use your garage to park your car and as storage space for tools and lawn equipment. If you don't have alternatives for parking and storage, turning the garage into living space isn't a great option.
  • What would you use the space for? While a garage might be perfect for a play space for your kids, an exercise room, or a makeshift office, it's not necessarily ideal for a guest room. You only want to renovate to the extent that you'll be able to use the space as a garage again if and when you want to.
  • Will minimal adjustments do the trick? To make sure your garage can quickly convert back to a garage when you want it to, create a space that only needs minimal renovations, such as synthetic flooring, an external heating/cooling unit, some finished walls and a fresh coat of paint. Then add an area rug and the necessary furniture and you're all set.
  • What does zoning allow? Most importantly, find out what zoning will allow for in your town. And be sure to return your room to its status as usable garage space if and when you choose to put your home on the market, as the number of garages will impact the sales price.

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