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Creating a Killer Home Bar Setup

May 9, 2021

Real Estate

Creating a Killer Home Bar Setup

CREATING A KILLER HOME BAR SETUP: A well put together home bar is a great addition for homeowners who enjoy entertaining. When you start stocking up, it’s important to keep in mind that you want good quality items, but you don’t need to go overboard. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Spirits. When buying liquor for your bar, make sure you purchase a vast variety, that way your cocktail options are endless. You don’t need to purchase everything at once. Start with some staples like vodka, white rum, gin, tequila, and bourbon and then add on from there. Use a bartending app if you need help determining which spirits are required for your favorite drinks.
  • Mixers and modifiers. Vermouth, Cointreau, and bitters are three ingredients found in many classic cocktails that would be a great addition to your bar. You also want to keep mixers like soda water, tonic water, cranberry juice, and sodas stocked.
  • Tools. The bar tools you need to purchase really depend on the type of drinks you and your guests would like. For most drinks, you likely only need a jigger for measuring, shaker, and strainer. If you’re interested in creating mojitos or drinks with fresh fruit, you may want to pick up a muddler. If your drinks require a twist, a sharp vegetable peeler will do the trick.
  • Glasses. Any good home bar should have a set of highball glasses, Old Fashioned glasses, wine glasses, and champagne flutes. You could also consider adding in a couple of martini glasses or margarita glasses as well to round out your collection.

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