Has COVID-19 Canceled Halloween?

October 6, 2020


Has COVID-19 Canceled Halloween?

Has COVID-19 canceled Halloween? I have been thinking about this as October quickly approaches. I think about all of the Halloweens celebrated with my daughters when they were younger. Trick or treating in the neighborhood, carving pumpkins, costume ideas, and of course decorating our home for all to enjoy or scare. How will you be celebrating Halloween this year? Finally, it’s on a Saturday, but does that matter anymore? Here are some of my ideas for alternatives.

  1. Halloween front yard decorating- Just like Christmas, put lights on the house and decorate your yard. Have you seen the decorations at Home Depot or Target? Worth a trip to go see. Not to mention the Spirit stores are popping up in the neighborhood. For all you DIYers, check out this monster that you can make out of PVC pipes. Pinterest has so many creative ideas. https://www.hometalk.com/39425246/pvc-pipe-yard-monster
  2. Have Halloween movie nights throughout the month. I use to hang a sheet on the garage door and projected movies so that the neighborhood kids could enjoy it. There are many classic Halloween movies. Not so scary ones for kids include:
      1. ET
      2. Gremlins
      3. The Nightmare Before Christmas
      4. Hocus Pocus
  3. Halloween Scavenger Hunt
      1. Hide ghosts throughout your house/backyard/neighborhood and go on a ghost hunt. Make ghosts out of lollipops and tissues
      2. Print out a list of Halloween items that are found in your neighborhood. Have participants walk around the neighborhood and take pictures on your phone of all the objects that they find. See below (Scavenger Hunt created by familyvolley.com)

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