Tips For Hiring a Moving Company

July 2, 2022

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Tips For Hiring a Moving Company
The process of moving can seem daunting, but with a bit of help from a reliable moving company, a lot of stress can be relieved. Here are some tips for hiring a moving company.
Get references from friends and family. You should always do your research thoroughly, reading review sites and local articles and blogs. However, nothing is more vital than a good recommendation from a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor.
Require them to take inventory and do a walkthrough. A reputable moving company will take steps to evaluate the job ahead of time, including taking inventory of your belonging that need to be moved and doing a walkthrough to note stairways, doorways, etc.
Understand the contract you’re signing. A contract with your moving company should include the following: description and scope of services, pricing (fixed rate vs. hourly rate), date(s) of pickup, date(s) of delivery, liability and claims protection, and any additional charges.
Double-check the company’s insurance and amount of protection. There are several levels of liability moving companies offer. Still, the most common are full value protection on items, requiring them to either repair, replace, or provide cash value for lost or damaged items in the move. An alternative liability coverage requires them to be liable for up to 60 cents per pound of the item in question.
Unpack in a timely matter and report problems. Depending on your contract, you have a limited time to report any issues to the company and file a claim. So, make sure to unpack and evaluate your belongings before that deadline passes.
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