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Moving On A Budget

May 8, 2022

Real Estate

Moving On A Budget

Purchasing a new home is likely one of the largest financial investments you will make in your lifetime. And on top of the home cost itself, additional expenses come along with this life milestone, like moving costs. Follow the below ideas for moving on a budget!

Compare DIY to professional moving services. Don’t instantly assume that moving yourself is going to be cheaper than hiring help. Collect three to four quotes from various moving companies and compare that to the cost of the truck, dollies, moving pads, and compensation for friends and family who help. If it nets out to be about the same or slightly different, consider the stress professional help could eliminate.

Move-in the off-season. If you are flexible with your move at all, consider moving in the fall or winter. By scheduling your move in the off-season, you could potentially save up to 30 percent on hiring movers.

Don’t pay for boxes. Hunt your office for leftover boxes from deliveries or post on social media to see if any family members or friends have extras hanging around the house. You should also check behind stores like Walmart for any discarded boxes or ask a customer service member in the evenings once new inventory has been stocked.

Purge your home. Decrease the items you need to move by doing a complete purge of your belongings. Move from room to room in your home and toss or donate anything you haven’t used in a year. This will help make packing a breeze, but it eliminates unnecessary weight, which movers generally use to estimate cost.

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